Items given to player after defeat


Though he is optional to fight, Shaker is a unique antagonist. He has a unique ability (Nobody else in the game can learn it), which he uses every 5 turns. This can cause dismay in battle, so gaining a lot of experience prior to battling Shaker is definately recommended.

Shaker's stats also cause the battle to be rather long. However, there are a few rare items that can speed up the battle. However, obtaining these is rather difficult, and does not take him down in one round.

It is uncertain if Shaker and Count Drac (Another antagonist) have had a feud, as Shaker is a hunter, while Count Drac is a vampire. However, Shaker will reveal what he knows of Count Drac, after being defeated by the player. (The information will be essential, so, it is reccomended to challenge Shaker.).

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