This brand new Wiki will have a lot of content, soon. Just stick around. Thank you. Hacker1 (Alias) 12:53, August 31, 2011 (UTC).

What sort of content do you wish to contribute into your game(s)?

The poll was created at 16:50 on April 21, 2013, and so far 37 people voted.

Rules for Contributions to the Wiki

If you feel like making a contribution, it would be appreciated if it is constructive. For example, if you have an RPG in production, create an article about it. Include a brief Plot (No spoilers, if possible!), a brief summary on the characters, etc.

However, if a page is blanked out, please, provide a reason for doing so. Otherwise, that action will be reverted as soon as I find out about it. If it's done too many times, the page might either get protected, and/or, the account responsible may get banned for an undetermined amount of time. The blanking out of articles is considered vandalism on here, and will not be tolerated.


Sure, opinions and comments are essential to everyone. However, there is a good, fine line between being honest about something, and being rude/nasty about it. If someone is found to be too insulting, they will be banned from this Wiki for 30 days. If someone has been saying something offensive, let me know. Thank you.

If I'm too vague about this, please post a message on my Talk Page. Thank you.

I appreciate your co-operation, and I hope to see some neat stuff, on RPG Maker XP.